Chula Vista Workers Compensation Lawyer

Chula Vista Workers Compensation Lawyer
Workers compensation is a program which offers medical care and/or replacement income for those who are injured or disabled at work, or are made ill because of their jobs at their place of employment. A Chula Vista Workers Compensation Lawyer can help employees by ensuring that they get compensation in case they were injured while at work.  If an employee is killed because of a work-related event, their dependents may be able to claim workers compensation benefits.

A Workers Compensation attorney can also help employers by examining how much money an injured employee can request. For the most part, worker’s compensation laws depend on which state you work in.  However, employees who work for the federal government or employees who work in many states may be governed by federal laws instead of state laws.  As well, some specialized industries adhere to different workmen’s compensation laws defined by their field of work.  These include people who work in railroads, in mines, and people who work as seamen or maritime employees.

Workers Compensation Coverage

Worker’s compensation maybe be approved even if the employer is not at fault and has shown no negligence. All that matters is that your injury was acquired because of your work.   In general, Workers compensation covers:

  • medical treatments,
  • a percent of lost wages,
  • cost of retraining or vocational rehabilitation,
  • compensation of permanent injuries,
  • and other benefits depending on your situation.

Worker’s compensation does not cover “general damages” or “pain and suffering”.

Small companies often enroll in state-run worker’s compensation programs. In these companies, worker’s compensation claims will be paid by the State of California.

Some companies enroll in a worker’s comp program from a private insurance company.  Here, your compensation (monies) will come from from the private insurance company.

Some large companies are self-insured. These self-insured companies often have a team whose job is to process workman’s comp claims.  Or, they may also hire a third-party to process the paperwork.

If you are not sure how or where to file a workers compensation claim, you should recruit the services of an attorney who is familiar with this area of law.

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