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In 2010, the efforts in California to decrease the number of DUIs were referred to as the “Year of the Checkpoint.” Funding for DUI preventative efforts jumped from $5 million to $8 million which helped support the work of about 150 law enforcement agencies to conduct checkpoints to get drunk drivers off the roads. In the same year, Governor Arnold Swarzenegger signed a Bill into law which pertains to a person with three arrests for driving under the influence to have their driver’s license revoked for an entire decade. These initiatives resulted in fewer fatalities related to San Diego drunk driving, however, the state still experienced an increase in number of arrests for DUIs.


San Diego Drunk driving remains a serious problem in California

Most people in Southern California have enough common sense to know that they should not drink and drive. Drunk drivers kill and seriously injure thousands of people each year in the United States. All of these deaths and injuries are preventable but occur because some people still make the decision to drive after they have been drinking. Vehicle accidents that involve alcohol devastate many California families and their loved ones each year.

Although public service campaigns have helped increase the awareness of how dangerous drunk driving can be, drunk driving remains a serious problem in California. Too many families are still being affected by the death or serious injury of a loved one because of a bad decision someone made. Opinions are split among Americans concerning how to completely stop the problem of San Diego drunk driving and some of these opinions have included prohibition, longer penalties, life-long bans on driver’s license for convicted drunk drivers and life sentences for drunk drivers who cause accidents involving death.

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San Diego drunk driving DUI attorney