San Diego Workers Compensation Attorney

San Diego Workers Compensation Attorney
In plain language, Workers compensation is a program which provides medical care and/or replacement income for those who are injured, become disabled, or are sick because of their duties while at the workplace. San Diego Workers Compensation Attorney can protect people by ensuring that they will be compensated should they get injured while doing their job. If someone is killed because of a work-related accident or sickness, their dependents may be eligible for workers compensation benefits as well.

A San Diego Workers Compensation Attorney also protects employers and co-workers by limiting the amount of money an injured employee can ask for. Most worker’s compensation laws are defined by the State of California; however, those who work for the federal government or work in more than one state may adhere to Federal laws. In addition, specialized industries adhere to alternate workmen’s compensation laws defined by their specialization. These include individuals working for railroads, in mines, and as seamen or maritime employees.

Who and What Does Workers Compensation Cover?

Worker’s compensation can be granted regardless if the employer is at fault or not. It is not dependent on negligence of the employer. So, if you have been injured at work, it doesn’t matter that it wasn’t your boss’ fault. All that matters is that you were hurt while doing your job. For the most part, Workers compensation covers for:

  • medical treatments,
  • a percent of lost wages,
  • cost of retraining or vocational rehabilitation,
  • compensation of permanent injuries,
  • and other benefits depending on the situation.

Worker’s compensation does not cover “general damages” or “pain and suffering”.

Small companies tend to enlist in state-run worker’s compensation programs. Here, your worker’s compensation will be paid by the State of California. Some companies choose a worker’s comp program from a private insurance company. In this case, your benefits (monies) will be distributed from the insurance company. Large companies may be self-insured which is to say that they have enough assets and funds to cover expected worker’s compensation. These self-insured companies may have staff to process workman’s comp claims, or they may hire a third-party to administer and manage the paperwork. It can be a bit tricky to know where to turn to when you have been injured at work. Hiring your own San Diego workers compensation attorney may help you through this challenging time.

Call for Assistance from our San Diego Workers Compensation Attorney

If you have been injured at work, or got sick because of the work you do, give us a call. We can evaluate your situation and help you file the forms so that you can receive compensation promptly. The sooner you start the process, the sooner you will receive your compensation – and you want to complete the forms correctly so there is no delay. The monies you receive could be from: the state government, an insurance company, your employer, or from a third party hired by your employer to handle these issues. When injured or sick, it can be challenging to figure it all out by yourself.

Our attorneys will check to make sure your forms are complete, accurate, and have the proper support documentation. We will ensure that you receive the maximum compensation possible: don’t settle with a nominal compensation from an insurance company, make sure you get all that you deserve. You work diligently at your job and should be fairly compensated for any injuries you may have acquired when at work. Contact our San Diego workers compensation attorney by calling (619)-325-7555.