Compensation for Slip and Fall Injury in Others’ Property

You may think that a slip and fall accident may seem minor, but most of the time this type of accidents can cause more severe injury than those attained in a vehicular accident. Bone fractures, breaks, and torn ligaments are just a few examples of the serious bodily damage caused by falling. This is especially bad for senior citizens because if they attain a hip injury, it is difficult to heal and repair without surgery. Slips and falls happen mostly inside homes or business premises.

The responsibility of property owners

One of the responsibilities of property owners is to keep their premises clean and safe to avoid accidents that could injure their visitors. If you have been injured in a slip or fall in another person’s property because of their irresponsibility, it is possible to be compensated for the full amount you have spent in the hospital, the medicines and the treatments, and are compensated for the income you lost because of the said injury.

What to do when you slip and fall in a property

If you have sustained injury in a fall at someone else’s property, you should contact an accident lawyer and get legal advice. Often, the property owner will try to remove the evidence of their fault by repairing the poor conditions of their property or do other stuff to conceal the evidence of their negligence or wrongdoing.

In order to win your case, your attorney should prove that there was negligence on the part of the owner of the property. That is why your accident lawyer should show enough proof that the poor condition of the property caused your injury. That’s where you can help by taking photos of the reason for the accident or see if there are people around you know that you can call as a witness. This is because more often than not, property owners will always try to protect themselves instead of being responsible for your suffering.

What to do if you don’t have an accident lawyer

Lawyers often have their own expertise. Some are focused for example on immigration while others focus on other legal aspects.  Accident lawyers are your best choice when it comes to being compensated for injuries caused by other people’s negligence. The internet is a good place to find accident lawyers who may provide free consultation.

Accidents happen anytime and anywhere when we least expect it.  If you are injured in a grocery store or a gym because of someone else’s fault, it is your right to be compensated for the injury, but you have to act fast. Get legal help from an accident lawyer that you can trust without delay.

Accident Attorney Tips: Determining Who Is at Fault in an Auto Incident

In case you use any means of transportation other than public transportation, inevitably you will have to deal with some situations involving accidents. In moments like that you might wonder what determines who is at fault in a car, truck, motorcycle, or bicycle accident. Generally speaking, the faulty party is considered to be the driver who didn’t obey the rules and the law.

The rules for vehicle accidents

In case of the vehicle accidents there is a set of rules which tell people how they are supposed to drive. These rules also provide ways to measure liability. In order for someone to get their driver’s license, they have to pass a test based on these rules. The complete set of rules can be found in the state’s vehicle code. While some might think that these rules only apply to cars, there are also rules for motorcycles, bikes and pedestrians.

Different situations might raise different questions

In some cases it is very clear who the faulty party is. For instance if a driver runs a red light and crashes into another car, it is clear that it was their fault. However, in other cases the violation of the rules might not be that clear. It is common for accidents to happen when cars need to merge into one single line. The cases of this kind are governed by the negligence law.

Although negligence doesn’t have a very specific definition, a negligent person is considered to be someone who acts carelessly or thoughtlessly. If a pedestrian, cyclist or driver causes an accident because of their negligence, they can at least partially be found at fault.

How to prove negligence

In order for someone to prove the negligence of another person, there are three aspects they will have to think about:

  1. The person in question is required by the law to act carefully in that given situation (this is a given fact since all drivers have to be cautious at all times)
  2. The driver (biker or pedestrian) wasn’t careful
  3. The driver’s action caused damage or injury to another person

Police reports

In case you are asking what determines who is at fault in a car, truck, motorcycle, or bicycle accident, it is good to know that these are the documents that determine the fault of a person. If the police arrived to the accident, there is a good chance you could get the report from the police. In many cases the report includes who caused the accident. If it doesn’t mention who violated the regulations, at least it contains what happened from the police officer’s point of view.

In the majority of the cases it isn’t difficult to determine who the faulty party is and they will be held liable for their actions.