Why an Accident Lawyer is Needed

Accidents happen every day. You hear about dog bite victims, slip and fall accidents and even car accidents on a regular basis. It seems to be a fact of life. While many accidents do not result in serious injuries, there are some that significantly change the lives of others. These are the kind of accidents that prompt you to take action. If you have been injured in any kind of accident, it is always a good idea to contact a personal injury lawyer. When you contact a personal injury lawyer, you will receive a thorough, comprehensive evaluation of your specific case.

What you Can Expect

Most personal injury lawyers offer a no fee consultation to determine if the factors surrounding your case are sufficient enough to warrant action being taken against the person responsible for causing the injury. In order to determine if the case is solid enough, you can expect the attorneys to ask for the following:

  • Medical Records – It is always important to have evidence of the injuries that have been sustained in an accident. This is why as soon as you are in an accident, you should either call an ambulance – or have someone call for you if you are unable to – or have someone take you to the hospital to be examined. Make sure that they administer thorough testing – your lawyer will want to see that this has been done. Your medical records should also indicate how serious of an injury you have sustained and what further action – surgery or physical therapy, for instance – is required as part of your ongoing treatment.
  • Police Report – It goes without saying that any time an accident occurs, it is important to notify the police. They should take a report of the incident from both the person who was injured, the person responsible for the accident as well as any eyewitness accounts. Without a police report, it can be challenging to establish a timeline and an accounting of the accident itself. Even if there are no witnesses to the accident, the police can have their accident reconstruction team recreate the accident and determine exactly what happened and what the indicating factors of the accident were.
  • Insurance Information – You will need to know the insurance information of the person you are holding accountable for the accident. In most cases, they will provide this information to you willingly – especially in the case of a car accident. If you do not know the insurance information, you can certainly get it from the police report or through your own insurance company.

Consulting a personal injury lawyer can be done in many ways – you can call or email. It is not advisable to just show up at the office, but by calling or emailing you are giving yourself a better chance at success. When an accident lawyer goes to bat for you, they usually try to settle the case out of court and get you a settlement that is enough to cover any time you’ve missed from work, medical treatments you’ve received and occasionally, pain and suffering.

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